Rubbing out has been co-created by Andrea Carr and Gemma Riggs

Andrea Carr is an artist, eco-designer, facilitator and Ecostage co-founder. Her widely exhibited designs bring vitality to eco-topics. Her work is informed by studying Process Work and the flow of processes, individual and collective dynamics.

Gemma Riggs is an artist and filmmaker working across video, installation, photography and sound. Her work explores intensities of experience and the intangible; how we translate emotion and experience through word, vocal utterance, body and gesture.

Creative Team at PQ Festival 2023:

Andrea Carr: Co-creator, drawing and design
Gemma Riggs: Co-creator, recording and film
Peter Williams: Stage manager / Researcher
Lucie Buchbauerová: Scientific collaborator
Simon Duck: Sound Artist

Scientific and ecological contributors:

Research developed in conversation with academics and experts at the UK Wildlife Trust, Department of Geography, King's College London and the Institute for Environmental Studies, Charles University in Prague.

We are very grateful for contributions from and inspiring conversations with:

Lucie Buchbauerová (PhD candidate of environmental sciences, Charles University in Prague)
Dr Mike Chadwick (Senior Lecturer in Physical and Environmental Geography, King’s College London)
Prof. Jan Frouz (Charles University in Prague Institute for Environmental Studies)
Tom Gibbs (Bison and Conservation Grazing Ranger, Kent Wildlife Trust, UK)
Dr Brandon Mak (Urban Ecologist, King's College London)
Prof. Jiri Reif (Charles University, Prague, Institute for Environmental Studies)
Reagan Pearce (PHD Researcher, King's College London)

the rubbing out project. Copyright Andrea Carr & Gemma Riggs 2023